Carpets that make no sound

So here we are back at Maple & Co. shopping for carpets and rugs to further furbish our beloved Corrientes 348. But one would think that in 1924 selection and availability of high quality products would be limited to a remarkable few. Such was not the case. Let us take a look at what types of carpets and rugs Maple & Co. made available for custom-manufacture during this period:

A Wilton deep-pile Persian from the 1930s.
Carpets: Indian, Mirzapore, Masulipatam, Agra, Ellore, Lahore, Persian, Ferahand, Serabend, Turkey, Nomad and Khorassan.

Rugs: Persian, Turkoman, Daghestan, Ferahand, Yhordes, Koula, Turkey, Kurd, Moorish, Mirzapore and Japanese.

Prices for these rugs and carpets were not advertised by Maple & Co. because they were not good they carried in their inventories. These products were manufactured upon request and against exact specifications (size, colour, nap, weave, borders, etc.) from the prospective buyers.

Maple & Co. did however carry large selections of ready made rugs and carpets which, although not to the same standards as the hand-made ones, still were of high quality. Here are some examples and their selling prices in 1924 Argentine pesos:

Patent Brussels or Improved Tapestry Carpets:
Stout heavy qualities for bedrooms from 1,00 peso per meter
Stout heavy qualities for reception rooms from 1,15 pesos per meter
Extra quality from 1,43 pesos per meter
A variety of old patterns, best quality, very useful from 1,10 pesos per meter.
Brussels Carpets:
Useful stout quality from 1,45 pesos per meter
Very heavy, for hard wear from 1,75 pesos per meter
Best five frame from 2,05 pesos per meter
Special quality, branded Maple at market prices, recommended and guaranteed.
Wilton Pile Carpet:
Wilton pile from 2,15 pesos per meter
Best quality from 3,30 pesos per meter.
Axminster and Saxony Pile Carpets:
Handsome designs for any room, very efficient in appearance from 2,35 pesos per meter.
Real Axminster Carpets:
These beautiful and durable carpets can be supplied in any size, woven in one piece with borders; prices on application stating full partuiculars of requirements.
A splendid selection of Real Axminster carpets from the 1940s

Carpet Borderings:
Borders can be supplied to match nearly all Tapestry, Brussels, Wilton or Axminster carpets in widths of 35, 45 and 57 centimeters.
Plain Felts:
Plain felts in all the new art colourings, best quality, 1,25m wide, from 1,85 pesos per meter. Plain felts for a suitable carpet where a low toned effect is desired, while they are invaluable either as a basis for oriental rugs, or as surrounds for indian, Persian, Turkey or Axminster carpets. Plain felt is also an excellent material for covering stairs or corridor carpets.
Kidderminster, Twill, and Dutch Carpets - all 1 meter wide: SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE

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