Cushions and sofas;

There is no reason to believe that cushions and settees-sofas for our Corrientes 348 did not come from Maple & Co. as every other appointment in the club. Strangely enough, Maple & Co. associated cushions solely with what at the time were called Cosy Corners; a corner sofa with very deep and comfortable padding. Here are a couple of Cosy Corners from the turn of the century:

The Cosy Corner on the left was designed in London in 1901 specifically against the instructions of His Excellency Atabek Azam, Grand Vizier of Persia for his "home away from home" in Switzerland. It is constructed of carved dark mahogany and enriched with shaped bevelled mirrors. The price is not mentioned.

The second Cosy Corner is constructed of inlaid mahogany with a cupboard enclosed by clear glass in the upper part. Again the price is not recorded but it was commissioned by His Imperial Majesty, the King of Siam for his palace in Bangkok.

To go with these masterpieces, Maple & Co. advertised as always in stock a magnificent collection of embroidered cushions in silk, tapestry and other materials matching or harmonizing with the coverings of the Cosy Corners. Also available were loose covers for these cushions in muslin -- "the most interesting selection in London".

Although Maple & Co. prided itself worldwide for their dining room furniture more than for anything else, there are many furniture historian who believe that their salon/living room furniture also (if not more) of a front page mention. The four settees shown below more than adequately support this view.

Left: Spindle "S" Settee with plume roll in walnut or mahogany.
Right: Stuffed-over Centre Ottoman available as a three- and a four-seater
and also with extra quality hair.

Left: Double-Spring Chesterfield available in three widths: 1,8m, 2,0m and 2,15m
Right: Shaftesbury Settee available in soft finish and also in tapestry or silk.

These four settees were the best sellers at the turn of the century. The Spindle Settee sold for 78,00 pesos, and the Centre Ottoman for 59,00 pesos as a three-seater and 70,00 pesos as a four-seater. A higher-quality hair-stuffing was available for an additional cost of 5,75 pesos.

The double-spring Chesterfield cost 113,50, 125,00 and 147,00 pesos for the three sizes respectively. This model could also be had with an adjustable end for an additional 7,75 pesos.

The Shaftesbury Settee cost 89,00 pesos but could be had in tapestry or silk for a higher price.

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